Brother SE1800 (SE 1800) Sewing and Embroidery Machine Review

The Brother SE1800 Sewing and Embroidery Machine comes with a lot of needed accessories, packaged stitches, default designs and lots of features. The machine is compact and lightweight, measuring a suitable 5 by 7 inches, which is suitable for working on stitches and embroidery.

Highlighting some of the best features Brother SE1800 offers: 5 by 12 inch multi position hoops for larger area embroidery, 6 letter fonts, 136 pre-loaded designs, super programming for thread trimming, start stop button, USB port for loading other designs from outside sources, quick set up bobbin with top drop system, automatic needle, among others.

This sewing and embroidery machine also features touch screen, which is a useful operating medium, allowing feeding of instruction and sharing important prating instructions.


Brother SE1800 (SE 1800) Sewing and Embroidery Machine Review


Usefulness of the Features of Brother SE1800

The generous 5 by 7 inch embroidery area supports embroidering of most designs available on the market with ease. The 5 by 12 inch multi positioning hoop allows embroidering a larger design and adds more space for your working without the need to re-hoop.

You can start to embroider right away thanks to the pre-loaded 136 embroidery designs and 6 lettering fonts. If you need more designs, you can transfer from outside sources through the USB port using a USB flash drive port. A USB flash drive can hold thousands of embroidery designs.

Through the LCD Touch Screen, you can customize the size design that is your liking, flip a design, and mirror your design.

Sewing and Embroidery SE1800 machine from The Brother Company is a full sewing machine possessing 184 sewing stiches and a My Custom Stich feature so you can be able to come up with your own stiches right from the machine screen.

The Automatic Needle Thread makes the sewing machine easy to use as it allows effortless needle threading, with a Quick-Set Top Drop-In Bobbin System takes up the bobbin thread automatically for you. This saves time and you won’t be frustrated.

Function Panel is placed right In front of the user, hosting the Programmed Thread Trimming Button, Start/Stop Button and Needle Up/Down Button—allowing for easy access.

For those who are new to the machine thus need help can make use of the On-Screen, Step-by-Step instructions.

The optional Full Package Embroidery includes Polystar 64 Count of Embroidery Thread with Thread Box, Prewound Bobbins, Sock Hoop, Stabilizer, Thread Converter Pro III, Stork Embroidery Scissors and Cap Hoop.

From the 184 Built-In Sewing Stiches, you can have a choice from a variety of Decorative, Utility Satin Stiches and more. The Brother SE1800 Sewing and Embroidery machine makes it easy sewing sideways as well horizontally. You can come up with your own stitch using the Pre-loaded My Custom Stitch Feature to create a large amount of your very own stitches and hold them in the machine’s integrated memory.


Brother SE1800 Sewing and Embroidery Machine Features


  • Highly Versatile Machine

You won’t be limited to what you can do with this sewing machine as you will be able to make Embroider designs, quilt stitch labels, Monogram, stitch together garments, and much more. Brother SE1800 machine comes in one, easy-to-use package.


  • Crisp and Highly Accurate Embroidery

Experience crisp and accurate embroidery even at the amazingly high speed of 650 stitches per minutes. And you can sew at very high speed of 850 stitches per minute!


  • Drop Feed Capability

Experience incredible feeding thanks to the Drop Feed Capability. It won’t matter whether the fabric is a lightweight chiffon or a heavy denim, thanks to the Free motion quilting to old fashioned darning of the Drop Feed Capability. Therefore, you won’t have to use darning plates—you just push the drop feed switch over and the feed drop.


  • F.A.S.T Bobbin Winding System

It will be easier bobbin winding, thanks to the Brother SE1800 Bobbin Winding System. The thread is wound four or five times around the bobbin, passed through the guide slot, and start button pressed. It’s as simple as that.


  • Pre-Built Frame Shapes and 12 Border Shapes

You can use one of the 10 pre-built frame shapes or 12 border shapes to put the finishing touch on your embroidery project.


  • Simple to Select Sewing Stitch

It is simple and easy to choose a sewing stitch thanks to this sewing machine computerized system, which allows making a selection through the touch of the LCD touchscreen. Other options available include changing of the length and width of stich, choosing whether to use a twin needle, mirror image certain stitches etc.


  • On-Screen Editing

Simple on-screen editing allows positioning design to your liking, rotating design, trace design, and increasing the size of design right through the machine’s LCD touchscreen.


  • Easy to Blend Letter Stitches

If you are looking for creating Quilt labels or blend sewing stitch letters, you simply input in whatever characters you would like to have stitched and let the sewing machine stitch them in sequence.


  • Applique Designs Are Easy to Create

It is easy to create applique designs—you simply choose the design from the embroider and let the machine notify you when to add the applique material and which steps to take for perfect applique designs.


  • Determine Best Color

The Brother SE1800 lets you know which color best suits your embroidery design you’ve created. This takes away the trouble of you having to find out the “proper” color.



Brother SE1800 is great for intermediate hobbyists as well as home-based businesses as it features pretty much everything a hobbyist or a home-based business would need a sewing machine. Its striking features are the functional design and great performance.



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